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Fundraise for your Organization

How it works:

Your organization earns $5.00 for each 9oz candle that you sell. 

1. Your organization will sell candles for 3 weeks.

2. There are 10 scents to choose from on the list. 

3. We provide a packet for each person that includes an order form with fragrance descriptions.


4. Each person collects the money as they sell candles. All checks are payable to your organization.


5. At the end of the 3 weeks, each order should be tallied to ensure orders are correct.


6. You will count the money. We do not handle any funds other than what is payable to us.


7. Be sure to make a copy of your orders for your reference.


8. Your organization will be provided with a master order form to complete so that we may fill your order.

9. Orders can be picked up or delivered within three weeks.

10. Orders will not be filled until amount owed to us is paid in full.

Email: to get started earning money for your organization.

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