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The Story of Irrescentstible Candles, LLC

Crafted and Hand Poured in Texas City, Texas


Irrescentstible Candles crafts scented, all natural soy and coconut apricot wax candles that endeavor to tantalize your senses and perhaps usher a fond memory to the forefront of your mind. Each hand poured candle in our Scents in the Key of Life Signature Collection associates a scent to the title of a song we can all enjoy in various moments of our existence. Our debut collection focuses on bridging a scent and a song. So tell me, can you smell your memory? 

For example, when I created Happy Feelings, I wanted the scent to remind me of waking up on Saturday mornings and thoroughly cleaning my mother's house as she blasted soulful tunes on her record player. 

Whatever your fond memory is, I hope that Irrescentstible Candles will help to trigger your journey down memory lane.

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